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Blonde Rogue ABV 3.8%

Now this is a real Rebel leader!! A real blonde brew packed with citrus flavours & aroma. You will find it hard to resist the light thirst quenching taste of this serious Skipton Ale!!

Monkey Tail Ale ABV 4.0%

A modern take of Bohemia & Czech Premium Pilsner, it is a light golden straw Premium Pils lager style Ale bursting, bright & fresh!!

Bitter Revival ABV 3.9%

This is Bitter at it’s Best!! Traditionally blended top quality hops & malt with a fresh bit hit of hops!! Producing an Ale of bittersweet perfection.

Uncle Monk's IPA ABV 4.5%

Kilned malt flavours with a slightly sweet & growing bitter balanced flavour. Producing an American style IPA with a Big Hoppy End!!!

Evolution Pilsner ABV 4.1%

A modern Bohemia style Pilsner of pale straw colour with subtle graining nose & pronounced bitterness! Dry hopped to maximise flavour producing a crisp, refreshing & invigorating Pilsner!!!